Opener for iOS
Open links in apps

Open Links
Opener allows you to open links from the web in apps instead! Simply copy a link and launch Opener to view opening options.

Action Extension
Links can be opened right from other apps too via Opener's action extension! Apps that support the iOS share sheet show Opener as an option.

250 Apps and Counting
Opener supports a diverse set of apps, from social apps like Tweetbot and Apollo, to media apps like Spotify and YouTube, to shopping apps like Amazon and AliExpress, and many more. Support for new apps is being added all the time, you can request new apps right in Opener.

Opener also supports opening links in third party browsers. No matter which browser you like, you can open links in it from Opener.

Opener can automatically detect Google AMP links to open versions of pages that are ultra fast on mobile devices.

URL Scheme
Opener supports a URL scheme that's handy for developers and folks who are into iOS automation using apps like Shortcuts or Launch Center Pro. Documentation for the URL scheme is available here.

Open Source
The rule set that powers Opener is open source. If you're a developer and there are apps you'd like supported, pull requests are welcome!

If you find yourself looking to view web links in apps often, Opener is a good timesaver that cleverly uses iOS 8 extensions to speed up the process.
- MacStories
It’s simple, handy, and makes browsing the web a lot easier.
- LifeHacker
...lets you open links in their corresponding app, skipping the annoying Web view along the way.
As someone who spends huge chunks of my day tapping on my iPhone’s screen, I skipped my Starbucks latte today and bought Opener instead.
- TechCrunch